Our experts answer your questions: Nos experts répondent à tes questions sur :


Our experts answer your questions: Nos experts répondent à tes questions sur :


Sex : a tell all exhibition ! Teens have so many questions in their heads. They address specialists, who kindly and frankly reply.


Me and You

Me and Others


Sexuality defines my body and identity.

For me sexuality is Respect, Love and Intimacy for Yourself and Others. Part of life.

Rosemary Falcone / Nurse Clinician, West Island Health and Social Service Center, CLSC Lac St- Louis


Sexual orientation - Personal accounts

How do I know if I'm homosexual?

What is virginity, exactly?

Is penis size important?

How do I talk about sexuality with my parents?

Am I normal if I still haven't kissed someone at the age of 15?

My breasts are not the same size. Is this normal?

Sometimes, when I look at a handsome singer, my panties become wet. Is this normal?

Can others tell when I'm menstruating?

I don't feel like masturbating, and I don't dream about having sex. Am I normal?

Is it possible to be attracted to both boys and girls?

Me and You

Sexuality draws me to the “other”.

For me, sexuality is an expression of who we are and how we love.

Jamy Ryan / Clinical sexologist and psychotherapist, ÉMISS-ère

Sexuality: Personnal Accounts

How will I know when I am ready to have sex?

Is it true that girls feel pain the first time they have sex?

Is it absolutely necessary to have sex?

Are there any tricks to flirting with someone?

What is oral sex? Is it OK?

Why do boys think you don't love them if you don't want to have sex?

How can you be sure a person really loves you and that it's not just for the sex?

What is premature ejaculation exactly? How can it be corrected?

Is it absolutely necessary to have an orgasm when you have sex?

Why do so many boys want to have anal sex?

Me and Others

My sexuality causes me to make choices.

For me, sexuality is a central piece of the life puzzle.

Dr Franziska Baltzer / Pediatrician, Director of the Adolescent Medicine/Gynecology Program, Montreal Children’s Hospital

Condom: Instructions

When can we stop using condoms during a stable relationship?

How do I know if I'm pregnant?

What do I do if I get pregnant?

What can I do if the girl I had sex with gets pregnant?

I'm pregnant and I don't want to have the baby. What can I do?

I think I have an STI. What can I do?

What is the best way to ask your sexual partner if they have an STI, or to tell them that you have one?

Could I have an STI even if I don't have any symptoms?

I think I have been sexually assaulted. What can I do?

Is it true that Ecstasy or other drugs can improve sex?

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